How To Improve At Any Shooter Game With A Controller

You need something other than fundamental practice.

How To Improve At Any Shooter Game With A Controller

Practice consistently makes great; the more regularly you play something, the better you’ll in the end become. That is simply the fundamental presence of mind. 

Notwithstanding, to overwhelm shooting games with a controller, you need something other than fundamental practice. You have to build up great propensities. Utilizing professional devices will significantly help yet you despite everything need to utilize them effectively.

Here are a few things you can do to become one of the best players in shooting games:

Picking The Sensitivity That Fits The Game-style

It is not very hard to decide which sensitivity fits which game. For an instant, you’ll need high sensitivity for game modes like Death-matches, because it’s very a fast-paced game mode, where you spawn as soon as you die but some tactical games require slow sensitivity because in tactical shooting games you can’t respawn whenever you like, you have to make your shots count and that’s where slow sensitivity helps you. Slow sensitivity makes your aim stable and accurate whereas high sensitivity is used because it gives you faster turning around speed so when you get flanked you can immediately return the favor with your bullets and never forget it’s impossible to avoid flanks in fast-paced shooting games so always watch your back.



The type of display screen you use and the headset you use while playing any shooting game are the most important factors, it’s probably one of the most important parts of dominating shooting games. Here we are going to talk to about those important factors 


1. Gaming Monitor:

The best display screen you can get is a Gaming Monitor, this is because the input lag on an expensive gaming monitor is 1ms and even on a normal Monitor the input lag will be lower than playing on a TV. In gaming, input lag is defined as the delay between when a user does something with an input device and when that action is reflected on the screen. This means any button you press on your controller will register faster on a Gaming Monitor than a TV. This means you’ll have amazing reaction times and great movement speed on a Gaming Monitor which will result in you winning most of the gunfights against people playing on TV.


2. Gaming Headsets:

 Headphones you use while playing any shooter game matters a lot because then you’ll be able to figure which direction your enemy is coming from and you’ll know where to line-up your aim before you even see the enemy. Gaming headphones can be a little expensive but it’s surely worth it because the cheap headphones don’t help at all, have a poor sound quality and you’ll be hearing sounds from everywhere and wouldn’t know where to look but high-quality headphone helps you recognize which side the sound is coming from therefore you’ll know where to look. And that makes Gaming Headsets a very valuable factor in dominating FPS games.



Aiming is the key to be successful in any shooter game. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll succeed with just Good Aim, there are few things you need to need to learn ASAP if you are not familiar with them. Firstly, practice every day for at least 1 hour killing bots and getting used to your sensitivity before starting any online game mode. Practicing 1 hour daily can help you improve your aim, I know I said earlier just Good Aim won’t help you and that’s true, the things that’ll help you will be mentioned ahead but every game requires Good Aim and you need to know how to use that Good Aim. So practice and improve your aim while we give you the information on how to use your aim.


Secondly, to conquer the gaming world with your Good Aim, you have to be familiar with Pre-Aiming, it’s a term used in Gaming World for players who have already positioned their aim at the place where the enemy is going to come so no matter how good your aim is, any player with a decent aim who is Pre-aiming at a location you’re running towards will definitely step over your good aim. The best players of the shooting games know when and where to Pre-aim because of the map knowledge which is very valuable. To study Pre-aiming, you’ll have to study the map too, that’ll help you know where the players like to attack from and where the busiest areas of maps are, after that all you need to do is Pre-Aim in the busiest areas.

Finally, last but not the least, Positioning. You have to know how to position yourself to gain an advantage over your opponents, you cannot just run around assuming there is no one near you that way you’ll just die to smart players Pre-aiming on certain locations in the map. Positioning mostly matters in game-modes like Battle royale or Planting and Defusing the bomb. In Battle Royale, your team can attack or sneak to gain the higher ground after that all you have to do is hold positions, cover flanks, Pre-aim and that positioning will bring the most out of your Good Aim. In Planting and Defusing game-mode position matters the most, while defending the defenders can position a few players in the objective and few players to roam and in attack the team should always be communicating and can position one player to cover the back Incase any roamer tries to sneakily attack your teammates. These are only a few examples of how positioning helps you dominate shooting games, there’s a lot going on during the game and you have to know what position can be helpful for your team, needless movements can get you and your team killed. To learn more about choosing the right position you can always watch professional players playing the game if you want to get better at.



The way you hold onto your controller matters a lot because if you are not comfortable holding it the way you hold then you lose focus and get busy adjusting to the controller and find it difficult to control your character, difficulty in controlling the character can make your reaction time suffer and you have less time to line-up your shots which may result in you losing the gunfight. This explains why comfort should be on top of your list if you want to improve at Shooting Games.

Before you even turn on your game and get your controller, ensure your condition is agreeable, yet engaged. Evacuate interruptions like your telephone, modify the splendor on your TV/screen, and ensure you are situated in a functioning gaming position: back straight, don’t slump, or even lean forward somewhat with your elbows laying on your knees. Wear agreeable garments, and take the necessary steps to ensure you are comfortable.

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How To Improve At Any Shooter Game With A Controller How To Improve At Any Shooter Game With A Controller

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