One Of The Most Crucial Issues Across The Globe

People have to accept that there are different races.

One Of The Most Crucial Issues Across The Globe.

Racism is discrimination against individuals or groups based on their ethnicity, heritage, skin color, or similar traits.

These discriminatory practices remain active and currently on the rise despite the many attempts to reject and ban them both ideologically and politically. The fact that racism, throughout the years, has affected countries economically as well as socially is not a secret. It is one of the reasons why there is a lack of progression everywhere.

One Of The Most Crucial Issues Across The Globe

Communities around the world have taken to social media as well as protests on the streets against the unlawful and unjust treatment that occurs to individuals based on their race.


Racism Is a Global Issue

Countries like the USA, North Korea, or even the Middle East, are not very tolerant of people belonging to different races settled there. Although the USA has a huge population with a large number of racially, ethnically, and religiously diversified people, the natives living there do not persist when it comes to bullying and torturing individuals.

Recently, on May 25, 2020, a 46-year-old black man George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest. A white police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes, until he was completely out of breath. Many such incidents have taken place in the past, due to racism, that is never spoken about. However, this case brought chaos and caused millions of people belonging to different communities, especially black people, to break out in the streets and protest against all the unfair actions taken and for their general rights.

One Of The Most Crucial Issues Across The Globe

Nevertheless, people in many other countries are persecuted, bullied, and not even allowed to practice their different religions. This concludes India as many of the people living there are completely against Muslims and there have been many cases of attacks on mosques in India.  However, Pakistan too plays its part when it comes to racial discrimination. Much of the Christian as well as Hindu communities in Pakistan are neglected and not provided with their basic rights.


Racism Is Everywhere

Racism is everywhere; be it a workplace, educational grounds, societies. Being a victim of oppression due to racism can exploit a person’s mental and physical health. And it cannot be taken care of by just protesting and killing one another. The most basic step to end racism is to understand and accept the

fact that not everyone is the same. People have to accept that there are different races, different religions as well as different ethics. Ergo, it should be normalized to let people live the way they want to instead of pointing them out for being socially inferior, belonging to an extremist religion, or having a dark/pale skin color. Racism may never even end unless we all act upon this, support each other, and come out as one.

One Of The Most Crucial Issues Across The Globe.

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